• Star Sat Espresso Master ST-697B: Elevate Your Coffee Experience with Precision Brewing, 19 Bar Pressure, Versatile Options, and Advanced Features for Barista-Quality Coffee at Home

      19 Bar Pressure: Experience barista-quality coffee with a powerful 19 bar pressure system, extracting rich flavors and aroma from your coffee grounds or Nespresso capsules.

      Versatile Brewing Options: Enjoy the perfect Espresso or frothy Cappuccino at the touch of a button, providing a cafe-like experience in the comfort of your home.

      Pressure Gauge: Monitor the brewing process with the built-in pressure gauge, ensuring optimal extraction for consistently delightful coffee.

      Ground Coffee and Capsule Compatibility: Brew your favorite coffee using either ground coffee or convenient Nespresso capsules, offering flexibility in brewing options.

      Detachable Frothing Nozzle and Drip Tray: Simplify cleanup with easily removable components, ensuring a hygienic and hassle-free maintenance routine.

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