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    • StarSat SR-207HD Full HD DVBS2 Satellite Receiver

      The StarSat SR-207HD Full HD DVBS2 Satellite Receiver is DVB-S/DVB-S2 Satellite Compliant, receiving SCPC & MCPC signals from Ku and C band satellites. It features a Universal, Single, Single S & C Band Wideband LNB, supporting various Compatible Code Rates. With DiSEq C and Unicable support, it offers Multi satellite search, network search, and manual search.

    • StarSat SR-440HD White Full HD1080, 2xUSB, HDMI, 6000 Channels, EPG, MPEG4, Blind Scan, PVR, DVBS2, WiFi Supported

      Introducing the StarSat SR-440HD White, a state-of-the-art satellite receiver offering Full HD 1080 resolution, dual USB ports, HDMI connectivity, and a vast selection of 6000 channels. Packed with features like EPG, MPEG4 technology, Blind Scan, and PVR functionality, it ensures an immersive entertainment experience with Wi-Fi support, multilingual options, and seamless software updates through USB. Explore the next level of home entertainment with StarSat.

    • StarSat SR-490HD Full HD DVBS2 Satellite Receiver

      Elevate your satellite viewing experience with the StarSat SR-490HD Full HD DVBS2 Satellite Receiver. DVB-S/DVB-S2 compliant, it supports MPEG-II, MPEG-IV, and H.264 formats, offering versatile features such as Wideband LNB, DiSEq C compatibility, and extensive memory storage. Upgrade effortlessly via USB 2.0 for enhanced multimedia capabilities.

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