Air Conditioner 12000Btu/h

Air Conditioner 12000Btu/h

Unveil year-round comfort with our 12000 Btu/h Inverter Air Conditioner. Offering seamless transitions between cooling and heating, the wall-mounted design enhances your space. The 7.5 kg indoor unit and 23.5 kg outdoor unit deliver efficient and durable performance, redefining your climate control experience.

Introducing our state-of-the-art Inverter Air Conditioner, a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and exceptional performance designed to elevate your indoor comfort. With a cooling capacity of 12000 Btu/h, this versatile unit seamlessly transitions between cooling and heating modes to cater to your year-round climate needs.


– **Cooling and Heating Capability:** Experience optimal climate control with both cooling and heating functionalities, ensuring a comfortable environment regardless of the external temperature.

– **Wall Mounted Design:** Our sleek and sophisticated wall-mounted air conditioner effortlessly integrates into your living or working space, maximizing both aesthetics and functionality.

**Indoor Unit Specifications:**

– *Net Weight:* 7.5 kg
– *Gross Weight:* 9 kg
– *Size (mm):* 865 x 335 x 240

Compact and lightweight, the indoor unit is designed for easy installation and seamlessly blends into your interior decor.

**Outdoor Unit Specifications:**

– *Net Weight:* 23.5 kg
– *Gross Weight:* 27 kg
– *Size (mm):* 810 x 335 x 595

Crafted for durability and efficiency, the outdoor unit is engineered to withstand diverse weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Invest in our Inverter Air Conditioner for a harmonious fusion of innovation, reliability, and superior comfort. Redefine your living or working space with a climate control solution that prioritizes your well-being.


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