SR-350HD Transformer

SR-350HD Transformer

Discover the SR-350HD Transformer, a high-performance satellite receiver with 5000 channels memory, teletext support, and versatile satellite operation modes. Featuring DISEQC 1.0/1.2/22KHz tone support, multi-language functionality, and USB WiFi compatibility, it delivers a seamless and immersive viewing experience for the modern entertainment enthusiast.

Introducing the SR-350HD Transformer, an advanced satellite receiver designed to elevate your viewing experience. With an extensive feature set, this cutting-edge device is engineered to deliver unparalleled performance and versatility.

Key Features:

1. **5000 Channels Memory:** Enjoy the convenience of storing and accessing a vast array of channels effortlessly.

2. **Teletext Supported:** Enhance your interactive experience with teletext support, bringing additional information to your fingertips.

3. **DISEQC 1.0/1.2/22KHz Tone Support:** Seamlessly control your satellite equipment with support for DiSEqC protocols and 22KHz tone.

4. **SCPC/MCPC Receivable from C/KU Band:** Access a wide range of channels from both C and Ku bands, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

5. **Satellite Operations:** Tailor your satellite experience with three operation modes – Digital TV, Digital Radio, and Favorite.

6. **EPG for On-Screen Channel Information:** Stay informed with Electronic Program Guide (EPG) providing on-screen channel details.

7. **Multi-language Function:** Customize your preferences with multi-language support for both menu and audio settings.

8. **MPEG-2 Main Profile at Main Level:** Benefit from high-quality video playback with MPEG-2 main profile at the main level.

9. **Easy Graphic Menu Interface:** Navigate effortlessly through an intuitive and visually appealing graphic menu interface.

10. **Supports Games (Tetris, Sokoban, etc.):** Entertain yourself with built-in games for added enjoyment.

11. **Software Update Through USB:** Keep your device up-to-date with easy software updates through a USB connection.

12. **USB WiFi Supported:** Connect seamlessly with USB WiFi support for enhanced connectivity options.

13. **Multifunctional Features (YouTube, Weather Forecast, Google Map):** Explore a world of entertainment and information with integrated features like YouTube, Weather Forecast, and Google Maps.

Elevate your entertainment journey with the SR-350HD Transformer – where innovation meets performance.


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