Unveiling the StarSat SS-IR500, a 1200W Teflon Non-Stick Multicolor Iron, embodying European technology excellence. With a user-friendly design, adjustable temperature control, and overheat protection, this iron ensures efficient dry/spray ironing. Crafted with precision in the People’s Republic of China.

Introducing the StarSat SS-IR500, a cutting-edge 1200W Teflon Non-Stick Dry/Spray Multicolor Iron that embodies the pinnacle of European technology. This exceptional appliance operates seamlessly within the power range of 220-240V at 50/60Hz, ensuring optimal performance for your ironing needs.

Crafted with precision, the Non-Stick Soleplate, coated with Teflon, guarantees smooth and efficient ironing, while the high-quality plastic material body enhances durability. The user-friendly design features an easy temperature controller, providing you with the flexibility to tailor the ironing experience to your specific fabric requirements.

The standard 150cm long power cable and adjustable swivel cord offer unparalleled convenience during usage. With a 40ml water tank capacity, this iron facilitates both dry and spray ironing, ensuring versatility in handling various fabrics. The Temperature Light Indicator serves as a visual guide, enhancing operational efficiency.

Safety is paramount, and the StarSat SS-IR500 incorporates overheat protection and temperature control mechanisms. This Dry/Spray iron is a testament to innovation and reliability, embodying European Technology standards. Elevate your ironing experience with the StarSat SS-IR500 – where quality, efficiency, and sophistication converge. Proudly manufactured in the People’s Republic of China (P.R.C).


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