Dry/Spray/Steam ironing with High quality multicolor plastic material body
Ceramic Coated Non-Stick Soleplate
Adjustable swivel cord with 150cm long power cable and Temperature Light Indicator
120ml water tank for a spray with Overheating protection and temperature control
European Technology, Made in P.R.C

Introducing the StarSat SS-IR750, a cutting-edge 1600W Ceramic Non-Stick Iron that seamlessly integrates advanced European technology for an unparalleled ironing experience. Designed with precision and functionality in mind, this multifaceted appliance boasts a myriad of features to cater to your garment care needs.

Key Features:
– **European Technology**: Incorporating state-of-the-art European engineering, the StarSat SS-IR750 is crafted for efficiency and performance, ensuring optimal results with every use.

– **1600W Power**: Equipped with a powerful 1600W motor, this iron delivers rapid heating, allowing you to effortlessly smooth out wrinkles and creases.

– **Ceramic Coating Soleplate**: The ceramic-coated soleplate guarantees smooth gliding across fabrics, promoting even heat distribution for impeccable ironing results.

– **Versatile Functions**: Choose from Dry, Spray, or Steam functions to accommodate various fabric types and garment care requirements, providing flexibility and convenience in your ironing routine.

– **High-Quality Construction**: The iron’s body is constructed from high-quality plastic material, combining durability with a lightweight design for easy handling.

– **Adjustable Swivel Cord**: Enjoy enhanced maneuverability with the adjustable swivel cord, allowing you to reach even the trickiest areas of your garments with ease.

– **120ml Water Tank**: The generous water tank capacity ensures prolonged steam functionality, reducing the need for frequent refills during extended ironing sessions.

– **Adjustable Temperature Control**: Tailor the iron’s temperature to suit different fabrics, ensuring gentle care for delicate materials and powerful performance for tougher wrinkles.

– **Temperature Light Indicator**: The integrated temperature light indicator keeps you informed, indicating when the iron is ready for use at the desired temperature.

– **Overheat Protection**: Designed with safety in mind, the iron features overheat protection to prevent damage and ensure longevity.

– **Standard 150cm Long Power Cable**: The iron comes with a standard 150cm long power cable, providing ample reach for your ironing station.

Elevate your ironing experience with the StarSat SS-IR750, where innovation meets efficiency. Designed and manufactured with precision in the People’s Republic of China (P.R.C), this iron combines cutting-edge technology with quality craftsmanship for superior garment care.


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