Dry/Spray/Steam/Burst Steam & Self-Cleaning ironing with High quality multicolor plastic material body
Ceramic Coated Non-Stick Soleplate with Vertical Steam
Adjustable swivel cord with 150cm long power cable and Temperature Light Indicator
270ml water tank for a spray with Overheating protection and temperature control
European Technology, Made in P.R.C

Introducing the StarSat SS-IR855 Self-Cleaning Non-Stick Spray Steam Burst Iron, a cutting-edge appliance designed to elevate your ironing experience. Engineered with precision and crafted for efficiency, this iron combines advanced features and superior build quality.

Key Features:

– **Powerful Performance:** Operating at 220-240V and 2200W, our iron delivers a robust performance suitable for various fabrics, ensuring crisp and wrinkle-free results.

– **Non-Stick Coating Soleplate:** The iron boasts a high-quality non-stick coating on its soleplate, providing smooth gliding over fabrics and preventing sticking.

– **Versatile Ironing Options:** With dry, spray, steam, and burst steam functions, this iron accommodates diverse ironing needs, offering flexibility for different fabric types.

– **Durable Construction:** The body is constructed from premium plastic material, ensuring durability and longevity, making it a reliable companion in your household.

– **Convenient Features:** The adjustable swivel cord enhances maneuverability, while the vertical steam option allows for efficient steaming of hanging garments.

– **Large Water Tank:** Equipped with a 270ml water tank, the iron allows for extended ironing sessions without frequent refills.

– **Self-Cleaning Function:** The self-cleaning function adds a layer of convenience, maintaining the iron’s optimal performance over time.

– **Precise Temperature Control:** Tailor the iron’s temperature to suit specific fabrics with the adjustable temperature control feature, ensuring safe and effective ironing.

– **Intelligent Design:** The temperature light indicator keeps you informed, while the overheat protection feature enhances safety during operation.

– **User-Friendly Cord Management:** The standard 150cm long power cable offers practicality and ease of use, making your ironing sessions more comfortable.

– **European Technology:** Incorporated with cutting-edge European technology, our iron exemplifies innovation and efficiency.

– **Crafted in P.R.C:** Meticulously manufactured in the People’s Republic of China, the StarSat SS-IR855 guarantees a product of high standards and quality craftsmanship.

Elevate your ironing routine with the StarSat SS-IR855, where performance, convenience, and durability converge to redefine the art of garment care.


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